Church Leadership Development

As the church has exponentially grown in the last two decades, there is a large need for leadership development among Nepali Christians. We primarily focus on four areas of leadership need: training rural pastors, women’s leadership development, national missionary training and youth leaders.


To see the rural Nepali churches have mature and healthy leadership, utilizing all members of their congregations to establish vibrant churches in areas without a current Christian presence.

Ministry Focus:

Pastor and Lay Leadership Development: As the church grows, there is an acute need for training of pastors and lay leaders. This is especially true for rural pastors who are low-level educated and have had little Biblical or other training.

Women’s Leadership Development: Nepal has been a traditionally male-dominated society, with a distinct separation between men and women. This has been also true in the church, where mostly men have been trained in leadership and have dominated Christian circles. However women make up the majority in nearly all the churches. There is a great need to encourage and empower women in the church, and to train them for bibilical leadership.

Missionary Training and Promotion: A few in the Nepali church have just begun to recognize the need to send missionaries as part of the great commission. We would like to promote the beginnings of an indigenous mission to reach the unreached in Nepal, as well as outside its borders.

Youth Discipleship: In the last decade, due to vast difference in experience and culture, there has become a gap between the national leadership and the youth. There is a large need to address the growing issues of today’s modern Nepali youth.

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