Lhomi Medical Initiative

TEAM has had a great reputation for providing excellent medical care and sharing God’s love by compassion through medicine. The Lhomi leaders approached us about three years ago and asked if we would be willing to partner with them to help set up a medical facility in a strategic location.

The Lord has done a mighty work among the Lhomi. They are an Asian minority group that lives in a district to the east of Mount Everest in Nepal. They began responding to the Good News in the 1970’s and there are now about 400-500 believers in that people group of 25,000. They have a heart for sharing with the approximately 10 other culturally related groups that are represented in Nepal as well as reaching their own people.

After prayer, the Lord gave us His approval in moving forward with partnering with the Lhomi to set up a clinic in the far northern part of their district and facilitate their ministry. We also do medical camps with the Lhomi about twice a year in different areas of the north. As part of this initiative we will obviously need medical personnel, but also managers, builders, architects, English teachers and engineers. These need to be hearty workers since it is a 5+ day walk from the district headquarters to get to the clinic site.


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